Automated Dues Collection Lets You Focus On Your Members

Member engagement and retention is vital to any association. But if you’re spending too much time on manual tasks like data entry and file imports, you can’t give your members the attention they deserve. Billhighway can help. We automate the entire dues collection cycle; generating invoices and processing offline and online payments within 24 hours. We integrate all transaction data with member management, accounting and banking software providing a continuous revenue stream that’s always up to date. Our client’s collection rates average over 98%!


We integrate with some of the most popular software tools on the market, like Fonteva’s MemberNation, ASi’s iMIS™, and Avectra’s netFORUM™. With our membership management software integration, you can say hello to:

  • Automated Invoicing & Payment Processing
  • Real-Time Views Into Local Group Finances
  • More Time to Focus on Member Benefits & The User Experience

“Our members have increased flexibility and control over the transaction.” – Billhighway Client Learn how we helped the Michigan Education Association automate their back-office and check out our member management video on the right to see what the buzz is about. Leave the back office to us, so you can get back to the business of member engagement. 

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